Termite Control – A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. also services both residential and commercial customers for termite control. Our termite service consists of post construction treatment, new construction treatment and prelisting/closing WDO Letters “Termite Clearance Letters”.  For post construction treatment, we offer both traditional liquid and the bait/monitoring system. When using liquid treatment only, we treat the foundation of the home, all slabs touching the home and all porches. If your home is a crawl space, we also treat around the piers.

In most cases, this is the only treatment needed to maintain termite protection around your home. However, we also offer the combination of both methods together, the liquid and the baiting system. Using both will help decrease your chances of having a termite problem in the future. The bait/monitoring system determines if the termites are present near the home. The termites feed on the bait/monitoring system and spread the bait with the other colony members. The traditional liquid is used to create a barrier around the home which will add a secondary area of protection. Finally, the other option is the baiting sytem only. We install monitors around the home, placed just outside the drip line and ten feet apart. We use Whitmire`s Advance Termite Bait System and Termidor.

For new construction treatments, we primarily use Termidor. Using liquid allows us to put a protection barrier under the structure before it is actually built. After the structure is built, we return to apply a barrier around the finished structure. This is done after the structure has completely been finished being built and landscaped.

We can also combine the liquid barrier treatment with the bait/monitoring system. This treatment would be identical to the post-construction treatment. Your pre-construction treatment would actually be completed after the certificate of occupancy has been issued on the new home.

Termite letters are issued when your house goes on the market (pre-listing letter) and when you close on the house (closing letter). Each letter involves a thorough inspection and a detailed graph of the house. The termite letter not only covers subterranean termites, but it also covers drywood termites, wood borers, powder post beetles and wood decaying fungus. The letter indicates previous infestations and conditions that may be conducive to an infestation. Pricing is based on each letter issued (if termites are found at the time of inspection and a letter cannot be issued, then an inspection fee will be charged in lieu of the termite letter fee).

Although we offer both treatment methods, some critics feel that one is better than the other. That is entirely up to the individual. Some feel that liquid treatment only is the best way to prevent and/or treat termites. Others feel that using a bait system is plenty protection against termites. I, too, have my own preference.

Recently, in the February 2008 issue of PCT, Pest Control Technology magazine, the cover story, titled, “Are You Smarter Than a Termite Researcher?” asks a variety of questions regarding termites and their behavior. The one question I really liked was “Which controls termites more effectively: baits or liquid barrier treatments?” The answer says it all for me.

According to Dr. Roger Gold: “Both baits and liquids are effective in termite population management and protecting structures; however, each has advantages and limitations. The best scenario is a combination of both methods when needed. Liquid treatments have the advantage of being relatively fast acting and long lasting (through five years), whereas baits are slower acting, and must be maintained through frequent servicing, but are useful in situations where trenching and drilling are inappropriate.” Either way, A.S.K Exterminators offers a treatment that suits your needs whether its liquid, bait or the combination of both.