Mosquito Control – When the cold weather disappears, it is time for spring! It is time to get outside after being cooped up for the winter. Your afternoons should be spent grilling, picnicking or having fun with any other outdoor activities.
Those cool evening nights should be enjoyed sitting under the stars and moonlight. Spring and summer are great opportunities for family and friends to get together all season long. However, there is one problem, those pesky MOSQUITOES!

Beginning their breeding as early as February or March, mosquitoes inevitably go hand-in-hand with warm weather. Not only are they a nuisance during your outdoor activities, they also are a problem for spreading various diseases. Some of those may include the West Nile Virus, encephalitis, malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever.

The topic of discussion in recent years has been the West Nile Virus. This blood-borne illness is transmitted by mosquitoes to a variety of hosts. Such hosts include birds, horses, cats, dogs, bats and HUMANS! Cases in humans tend to show up in late summer or early fall.

A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. can provide you a better opportunity to enjoy those outdoor activities, day or night. With monthly ongoing treatments from April through October, or whenever needed, you will notice the difference! It is time to get outside and play!

Our service is designed to significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home. The treatment begins with a thorough inspection to determine potential breeding sites. Following the inspection, it may be necessary to use larvicides in standing water habitats like ponds or other landscape water features. Finally, a complete application of insecticides to the leaves on shrubbery, ornamental plants, trees, ivy and in other areas that adult mosquitoes will land and rest.

With A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. mosquito treatment program, your lazy days of summer await you! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!