A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. offers both Pest Control and Termite Service for Residential and Commercial properties. We provide the highest quality service on a very personable level. A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. listens to your concerns and treats accordingly.

At A.S.K Exterminators, Inc., service is top priority! We are fully licensed and insured.

We service the Metro Atlanta area and the Northwest Georgia area. These areas include, but are not limited to: Cobb County, Cherokee County, Pickens County, Gilmer County, Forsyth County, Dekalb County and Fulton County.

Residential Pest Control – Service can be scheduled either One-Time, Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly

Commercial Pest Control – Service can be scheduled either Weekly, Monthly or Tailered To Your Needs

Earth Friendly “Green” Pest Control – Service that is environmentally friendly. We feature products from Ecosmart.

Mosquito Control – Seasonal Treatment offered from April to October. Mosquitoes are out and about during the warm weather months.

Residential Termite Service – Directed Liquid plus Bait/Monitoring; Defined or Comprehensive Liquid Treatment; Re-treatment and Repair Guarantees offered; “Termite Clearance Letters”

Commercial Termite Service – Directed Liquid plus Bait/Monitoring


Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control – A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. uses IPM, Integrated Pest Management, to solve your pest problems. This approach relies primarily on non-chemical means (such as education, inspection, sanitation and cooperation of the customer) to prevent and manage pest infestations.
Our goal is to keep pests away without adversely affecting the customer’s environment. Chemical treatments are used when pests fail to succumb to more conservative methods. While using chemical treatments, A.S.K. Exterminators, Inc. uses the most effective treatments that are the least toxic to humans, animals and the environment. We minimize the risk by limiting the volume of treatment used.

We offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service to our customers. You may choose the method which best fits your lifestyle. No matter which service you desire, your home will continuously be protected.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control – When the cold weather disappears, it is time for spring! It is time to get outside after being cooped up for the winter. Your afternoons should be spent grilling, picnicking or having fun with any other outdoor activities.
Those cool evening nights should be enjoyed sitting under the stars and moonlight. Spring and summer are great opportunities for family and friends to get together all season long. However, there is one problem, those pesky MOSQUITOES!  Read More…

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control  – A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. offers businesses complete pest control protection. Our service is offered on a weekly or monthly schedule. However, we will provide a program that will meet your individual needs based on the type of business, the hours of operation, any health concerns that may exist or the severity of the problem.

In order to control pests, one must know what types of pests exist and where they may live. Any program that is effective will focus on the pest and its need for survival. A pest’s survival depends upon food, water and shelter. If you can identify and eliminate these sources, you will be able to control and successfully eliminate your pest problem. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Termite Control

Termite Control – A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. also services both residential and commercial customers for termite control. Our termite service consists of post construction treatment, new construction treatment and pre-listing/closing WDO Letters “Termite Clearance Letters”.

For post construction treatment, we offer both traditional liquid and the bait/monitoring system. When using liquid treatment only, we treat the foundation of the home, all slabs touching the home and all porches. If your home is a crawl space, we also treat around the piers. In most cases, this is the only treatment needed to maintain termite protection around your home. However, we also offer the combination of both methods together, the liquid and the baiting system. Using both will help decrease your chances of having a termite problem in the future. The bait/monitoring system determines if the termites are present near the home. The termites feed on the bait/monitoring system and spread the bait with the other colony members. The traditional liquid is used to create a barrier around the home which will add a secondary area of protection. Finally, the other option is the baiting system only. We install monitors around the home, placed just outside the drip line and ten feet apart. We use Whitmire`s Advance Termite Bait System and Termidor.   Read More…