A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. was founded by Kevin and Anne Spiegelman in 2004. With his training and knowledge from one of the industry`s top training programs, Kevin was ready to build a company dedicated to quality and customer service.

Kevin received his B.S. in Hospitality Administration from Florida State University`s College of Business in 1994. He began his career working in the restaurant industry. It was not long when he realized that this is not where he wanted to be. From restaurants, Kevin began a career in retail. He continued in the food industry for a period of time and then made his way into retail pharmacy.

Kevin began working for Orkin Pest Control in January of 2000. After spending four years with Orkin, Kevin decided to start his own company. Orkin provided Kevin with valuable training in the areas of pest treatment, termite treatment, sales and management. Using this knowledge, Kevin went on receive his Designated Certified Operator`s License. With this license, it was time to start a new company, A.S.K Exterminators, Inc.

While working in retail pharmacy, Kevin knew there was more he could accomplish. He began to look for a great opportunity elsewhere. That is when he began working for Orkin Pest Control. At Orkin, Kevin found his niche. Finally, here was a career path that mattered. Kevin had an opportunity to provide great service and customer satisfaction. Also, at the same time, he would be responsible for protecting people`s homes from pests and termites. This was the opportunity he was waiting for. After learning the ins and outs of the pest control business, Kevin decided to further his career by becoming a small business owner. Taking a chance and pursuing the American dream, Kevin started up his own company and A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. has been thriving ever since. If you want a top notch company in the Atlanta area, look no further. We are Atlanta`s best pest control company.

Since starting this pest control business, A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. has been growing every year.  In July of 2008, Kevin realized that in order to continue giving quality service, a change had to be made.  Because A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. is about customer satisfaction, it was important to begin expanding.  As a result, we hired additional staff in order to keep up with the demand for quality service.  It was a smart move because A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. shows  consistent growth of 5% 7% annually.

A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. is a member of the Georgia Pest Control Association, Certified Pest Control Operators of Georgia and the Better Business Bureau.  Kevin is licensed in Household Pest Control (#15497), Wood Destroying Organisms #(15497) and Public Health (#05674). A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. is licensed from the Georgia Department of Agriculture with a Structural Pest Control Company License in categories 29 (HPC), 30 (WDO) and a Pesticide Contractor`s License in category 41 Mosquito (#14844). A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. is fully licensed and insured.

A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. is a company that is all about the customer and the quality of service we provide. We realize how much can get lost in a company that is a large corporate giant. There intentions are usually good, but their results tend to differ. With Us, you matter and the service we provide matters. You are not a customer number we look up on a computer. We know who you are and treat you like family. Your service is important to us. We want to keep your home or place of business free of pests. We do not merely spend ten minutes and a few squirts here and there. We actually take the time and treat every aspect of the structure to ensure protection against any pests you may have. When considering a pest control company, please consider calling A.S.K Exterminators, Inc. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for viewing our web site. As Atlanta`s best pest, termite and mosquito control company, you can feel comfortable choosing us as your pest provider. We hope this helps with your decision. Please contact us should you have any additional questions.